UseCallback Debounce

const debouncedOnChangeText = useCallback(_.debounce(onChangeText, 150), []) Calls the onChangeText handler only every 150ms, without recreating it over and over.

Overnight Hike Packing Checklist

Went for my first overnight hike, and who knows what I’ll forget later. Cooking Cutlery kit (Knife/Fork/Spoon thing) Hiking Stove – Saucepan + bowl + cooking base kit Gas Canister for Hiking Stove (1 lg, 1 sm) Newspaper for fire Hiking 3L water, across 3 containers (one for way, one for there, one for way […]

Making stuff pt 2 – Recustom SMS app

There’s this tricky part to making a SaaS that making the SaaS is the tiniest part of it. I made this simple service – after setting up an SMS template, you can queue SMS messages to send to people. It’s simple and powerful, and is intended to drive customers to re-engage your service provider in […]

Remembering how to create stuff

In my 20’s, I always had a side project or two going. Most of them weren’t $10m businesses, but all of them would have customers now if I set them up and left them running. Every single one of them was a sound idea in some sense. Now that I’ve had 4 kids, reasonably happily […]

Journal entry – May 28, 2020

I keep a personal journal sporadically. Last year I dropped off from ~March 2020 and picked it back up on May 28, 2020. It was the period that coronavirus was the worst it got in Sydney* (*Simpsons ref: worst it got in Sydney, so far.) Every day I review the entry from a week ago, […]

Copying small startups, test #1

It’s all going to take a while to work out. I’ve got an old online campsite booking tool that I charge the original customer $1k/year to keep switched on. It looks, feels and quacks like a SaaS, so will be useful to get some re-exposure to a lot of the side pieces to running the […]

Swagger to Laravel Library

Given an OpenAPI API endpoint, if you can export the OpenAPI JSON specification, it can easily be turned into a client library for use in laravel. Download the swagger.json file to the current folder. Run: docker run –rm -v ${PWD}:/local openapitools/openapi-generator-cli generate -i “/local/swagger.json” -g php -o /local/out/php Under the ./out/ folder is now a […]