End to end testing in React Native

I’ve been a professional React Native developer for just over a year now, previously working on a number of different freelance and contracting engagements. I’m a single developer maintaining two different apps for my day job, which are in constant development. It’s easy to ‘lose your place’ when digging up a project from a month […]

Florida man november 19

On my birthday (November 19), Florida man met his untimely end 🙁 The body of a 45-year-old Ft. Lauderdale man was found lying near shrubbery in a Pompano Beach, Fla. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/florida-man-brutally-murdered-found-in-field/

Scripting a simple nodejs server

This post covers scripting a simple node.js server from scratch. It’s easy, but deceivingly powerful. We’ll use ES6 style javascript, HTTPS (with a self signed certificate), a live reloading server, and serve responses from an external JSON file. What’s it for? If you’ve got some kind of moving target (a versioned API, a usage restricted […]

Using rn-cli.config.js to link a shared library

When working on more than one React Native project, it makes sense at some point to extract shared tools into an external library. We then reference the shared library from all projects, and maintain a single codebase for the shared code. For whatever reason, the Metro bundler used by React Native does not support symlinks, […]

Using JQ and merging JSON objects into an array

I have a collection of files named file1.json, file2.json, file3.json Inside each file is a JSON object representing an API response. {“result”: {“foo”:”bar”, “etc”: “etc”}} As part of a bigger project, I need these merged together so I can replay them later. The JQ library is a powertool for this type of work, deep diving […]