Copying small startups, test #1

It’s all going to take a while to work out.

I’ve got an old online campsite booking tool that I charge the original customer $1k/year to keep switched on. It looks, feels and quacks like a SaaS, so will be useful to get some re-exposure to a lot of the side pieces to running the micro-SaaS.

Things like:

  • Applied formula SEO
  • Support as Marketing
  • Awful youtube how-tos as Marketing
  • Science of screenshots / pricing / features / waiting list
  • Analytics
  • Getting a marketing site template sorted
  • Forgotten steps like buying a domain

There’s no dev required to do any of these on this particular product, so it’s now Copying Small Startup Test #0. Revenue goal is $0. They’re all pretty light tasks in and of themselves, and might take me a month of 1 hour a night to knock a few off.

There’s no startup being copied here, but I assume there’s 10 others out there that I can be inspired by later.