Intro to AWS using CLI tools

Following along some useful youtube videos, I’ve created a cheat sheet below for reference when setting up AWS services using the CLI tools. This post assumes a level of familiarity with basic AWS services through the management console – you should know what a security group is and what an instance is, etc. Youtube videos: […]

Forcing use of Yarn, instead of npm install

Everyone knows if there’s a package.json, then you need to npm install to install dependencies for the project. Unless there’s a yarn.lock! When sharing a project around a team this will happen over and over. Share project -> team mate ignores instructions -> generates & checks in a package-lock.json. Packages are resolved differently, different bugs […]

WooCommerce TypeScript definitions

I’m working on a project that consumes WooCommerce API in React Native. To keep everything up to date, use type-hinting, and see dynamic issues *before* I’ve compiled the code, I’m using TypeScript definitions for WooCommerce. Type definitions are supplied for Category, Product, Variation, Attribute, Image. Other less important types are also included (Collection, Dimensions, MetaData, […]