Remembering how to create stuff

In my 20’s, I always had a side project or two going. Most of them weren’t $10m businesses, but all of them would have customers now if I set them up and left them running.

Every single one of them was a sound idea in some sense.

Now that I’ve had 4 kids, reasonably happily employed as a contractor (working on stuff I enjoy), I just don’t have the kick to create anything now. Wondering if it’s actually a fear of failing, or a fear of not finishing, adding another thing to the pile.

So it’s probably been 3-4 years of not creating anything I’m not being paid to create. Every time I want to work on something, I shoot it down because it doesn’t have a business model or it’s like a google tool or it needs a front end or some other bullshit reason.

Pretty keen to jump in and work on some dumb ideas that don’t have a business model and won’t make me rich and just create and finish some projects again.

So, I’m gainfully employed, my family is happy, I want to spend some time creating stuff.

First up, I’m just looking at this local takeaway shop that has a nice online ordering stack down pat. What would it look like if I did it in WooCommerce? My first ever freelance client was building an online ordering system in WooCommerce, and it was a long and happy relationship.