Firebase functions and CORS

A simple firebase http function template: We need to handle CORS requests (see cors() above), because the browser will send an OPTIONS request first to see what’s accepted by the endpoint. Your function handler in this case will receive an empty body, throw a bunch of errors, and generally waste a ton of time. A […]

Quick/Easy Laravel/Docker

Source: Commands: cd toys (projects folder) mkdir saml && cd saml (a bare saml project) curl -LO -LO docker-compose up Connect to the dev server over SSH in vscode and access at http://devserver:3000/

A blog for Emmett

It may come back to bite us. I made Emmett a WordPress blog tonight, a new outlet for his creative energy that so far is spent on long term minecraft trap strategies. He’s 6, and it’s hard to find productive outlets for him. He gets tunnel vision about a single project at any one time. […]