Overnight Hike Packing Checklist

Went for my first overnight hike, and who knows what I’ll forget later.


  • Cutlery kit (Knife/Fork/Spoon thing)
  • Hiking Stove – Saucepan + bowl + cooking base kit
  • Gas Canister for Hiking Stove (1 lg, 1 sm)
  • Newspaper for fire


  • 3L water, across 3 containers (one for way, one for there, one for way back. Pour out excess before leaving to return)
  • Headphones, charged
  • Phone, charged


  • Hiking snacks – nut bars x 4
  • 2x bananas
  • 2 x 500ml soups for dinner
  • 1 pack biscuits, chocolatey
  • 1 bag lollies
  • Pringles for chips


  • Bed roll
  • Sleeping bag. Rated to expected temperature – 10 deg if not in tent
  • Tarp
  • Tent, or tools to build shelter


  • Weatherproof hiking boots
  • Comfortable socks for hiking
  • Long, thin pants for hiking (shorts if hot or not scrub)
  • Long, thin shirt for hiking (t shirt if hot or not too much sun)
  • Hat for hiking
  • Second pair of socks for sleeping
  • Thermal pants for sleeping
  • Thermal long sleeve shirt for sleeping
  • Thick jumper for cold weather
  • Beanie for cold weather


  • Head Torch with new batteries
  • 5m & 2m rope
  • UHF, charged, channel 14. Has safety torch built in.
  • A way to fully recharge phone (e.g. battery pack & charger cable)
  • Small hatchet or hand saw
  • Folding Knife
  • Lighter (check full)