Elvenda April Update

tl;dr: We onboarded some stores, some things were broken. Quick April update. Live suppliers: 3 Live dropshippers: 0 Revenue: $0 What went wrong last month? Issues with real users in production were both exciting and demoralising. A user goes down the wrong path and causes a condition without an error handler, and that’s it – […]

Software engineering in the future

Just a short article. I’m interested in how software engineering is converging into niches. It’s interesting to think about where to position oneself. Just as everyone “learns to code”, as is touted so often, are we going to have an order of magnitude less coding that needs to be done? Big Co’s:¬†AWS. DevOps. API as […]

Fix CORS errors on local node server

When hacking together a quick throwaway node server, it’s easy to get caught going around in circles with Cross Origin Resource Sharing and Access Control Allow Origin. Here’s a quick and easy way to disable this so you can keep moving. I’m using node’s http package via http.createServer.

Build a reverse image proxy in 10 lines of PHP/Laravel

First up, there’s better ways to do this. Maybe you should use nginx, and keep this out of PHP altogether. Maybe you should pull down people’s images, host them locally, and then serve them up yourself. This isn’t about the best way. For me, tonight, this 10 liner that doesn’t mess with my nginx config […]