Articles I need to write

This post isn’t for you, it’s for me. How To: Setting up a gitlab CI pipeline for React Native How To: Setting up a gitlab CI pipeline for Laravel How To: Screenshot testing in React Native I built (and sold) a payment gateway

Side Project Progress

First Store.. 1 day away? Our side project, Elvenda, is a B2B dropshipping platform. You sign up as a supplier and receive orders, or sign up as a dropshipper and get a ton of new products. It’s pretty cool. It’s a totally different take on a model that’s been done before, so we’re interested to […]

Tech that lasts 40 years

I watched some Microconf videos last night on I’m not sure if it’s strictly ‘legit’ or if this guy is just putting a camcorder on the seat and videoing Microconf. I’d badly like to go one year, and it’s always been something I want to reward myself with when I get a SaaS to the […]

ag: Fast searching source code

From the “I’m shit at command line” category brew install ag Ignore files that are autogenerated. Also honours .gitignore! cat ‘android.bundle.js’ > .ignore ag MY_SEARCH_TERM Profit! Nice, fast, clickable results in vscode.

add zipalign to path on OSX

First, find zipalign. find ~/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools -name “zipalign” Copy the most recent build tools version, e.g. /Users/me/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/28.0.2/zipalign Add it to /etc/paths. nano /etc/paths (Paste the zipalign path) Save and exit ctrl+o, ctrl+x Close the command window.

Talking to customers / cheapening the brand

I’m working on a side project with a friend (/my brother in law) that connects suppliers and brands to dropshippers. It’s a business model that’s been done before – we’re just taking an existing model and fine tuning it, maybe making it more Australian. It’s called Elvenda. We’ve got a functioning beta at I’m […]

End to end testing in React Native

I’ve been a professional React Native developer for just over a year now, previously working on a number of different freelance and contracting engagements. I’m a single developer maintaining two different apps for my day job, which are in constant development. It’s easy to ‘lose your place’ when digging up a project from a month […]

Florida man november 19

On my birthday (November 19), Florida man met his untimely end 🙁 The body of a 45-year-old Ft. Lauderdale man was found lying near shrubbery in a Pompano Beach, Fla.

Scripting a simple nodejs server

This post covers scripting a simple node.js server from scratch. It’s easy, but deceivingly powerful. We’ll use ES6 style javascript, HTTPS (with a self signed certificate), a live reloading server, and serve responses from an external JSON file. What’s it for? If you’ve got some kind of moving target (a versioned API, a usage restricted […]