Copying Small startups – Food Booking Software.

Food Booking Software – mind map.

Eating at a pub involves lining up with the other patrons, reviewing the menu, speaking back the order and any alterations to staff who enter it in the system and ring up a price.

The customer pays for the order and the order goes to the back-restaurant/make-bench to be made.

A modern approach (ME&U app?) allows the pub to create a restaurant in the app and add their menu items, sorted by categories. Products have a price (alternatively a second price for other purposes, e.g. members). Products have extensive alterations.

The pub prints labels for each desk that have the site code and table code embedded in a QR code for the customer to scan. The business can alternatively print nice labels and have them sent out – the labels attach to a cutlery basket, stick to the table, The customer gets taken to the app with a querystring that can load up the restaurant and the menu.

The customer fills a ‘cart’ on the site and ultimately checks out. The customer needs to make payment when they submit an order. The restaurant can begin cooking the order for the customer, via a POS integration.

If the customer does not understand, gets stuck, or chooses not to use the app, they can still proceed ‘the old way’.

The customer can continue to shop on their app for drinks and order and pay online.

The customer can use the receipt link SMS’ed to their phone for disputes etc.

If payment is through the app, a clip will be paid to “Ordering app”.

The ‘pub’ needs customised labels for tables and an easy way to re-order or re-create their own. All QR codes should be easily reproducible.

The orders only make it to the back kitchen by a POS integration or a receipt printer on site.

The pub has a dashboard they can use, but this is not a key part of their use of the platform (e.g. they don’t need to get orders out of it, etc). They might sign in for refunds and billing enquiries, check payment settlements, update menus (if not POS integrated).

The obvious first step is to get in touch with a restaurant manager or owner and run the idea by them – does it sound like it’ll work?