Intro to AWS using CLI tools

Following along some useful youtube videos, I’ve created a cheat sheet below for reference when setting up AWS services using the CLI tools. This post assumes a level of familiarity with basic AWS services through the management console – you should know what a security group is and what an instance is, etc. Youtube videos: […]

Forcing use of Yarn, instead of npm install

Everyone knows if there’s a package.json, then you need to npm install to install dependencies for the project. Unless there’s a yarn.lock! When sharing a project around a team this will happen over and over. Share project -> team mate ignores instructions -> generates & checks in a package-lock.json. Packages are resolved differently, different bugs […]

WooCommerce TypeScript definitions

I’m working on a project that consumes WooCommerce API in React Native. To keep everything up to date, use type-hinting, and see dynamic issues *before* I’ve compiled the code, I’m using TypeScript definitions for WooCommerce. Type definitions are supplied for Category, Product, Variation, Attribute, Image. Other less important types are also included (Collection, Dimensions, MetaData, […]

Elvenda April Update

tl;dr: We onboarded some stores, some things were broken. Quick April update. Live suppliers: 3 Live dropshippers: 0 Revenue: $0 What went wrong last month? Issues with real users in production were both exciting and demoralising. A user goes down the wrong path and causes a condition without an error handler, and that’s it – […]

Software engineering in the future

Just a short article. I’m interested in how software engineering is converging into niches. It’s interesting to think about where to position oneself. Just as everyone “learns to code”, as is touted so often, are we going to have an order of magnitude less coding that needs to be done? Big Co’s:¬†AWS. DevOps. API as […]