End to end testing in React Native

I’ve been a professional React Native developer for just over a year now, previously working on a number of different freelance and contracting engagements. I’m a single developer maintaining two different apps for my day job, which are in constant development. It’s easy to ‘lose your place’ when digging up a project from a month […]

Scripting a simple nodejs server

This post covers scripting a simple node.js server from scratch. It’s easy, but deceivingly powerful. We’ll use ES6 style javascript, HTTPS (with a self signed certificate), a live reloading server, and serve responses from an external JSON file. What’s it for? If you’ve got some kind of moving target (a versioned API, a usage restricted […]

Using JQ and merging JSON objects into an array

I have a collection of files named file1.json, file2.json, file3.json Inside each file is a JSON object representing an API response. {“result”: {“foo”:”bar”, “etc”: “etc”}} As part of a bigger project, I need these merged together so I can replay them later. The JQ library is a powertool for this type of work, deep diving […]